Everyone has their say
but not everyone has a voice
some need a nudge of a kind hand
to let them know
it is safe out there

Kindness taken for weakness
we watch it traded for dross
then tossed in the bin forgotten
its worth worth left behind, the
precious glue of fences

I froze crossing the bridge
between the river
I drew life from
and the air sucked out of my lungs
like magnets

You stole my heart
playing Moonlight Sonata
while I tore a napkin to bits
then broke off my stained glass hands
taking my pen for spite

I thought I could be cured
by every agony
each outburst of fluids-
it’s your soul I fall in love with
every time two become one

I watch you move
in and out of people
like the tide and the beach
only that’s really beautiful
and never lets me down

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