Her figure


He never knew what he had in her
her angle–something
between silk stockings and
late night gas guzzlers
even the police tread easy

That figured–
he was sick and tired of the triangle
the crossed lines every time he called
and she did not answer
feeling her there, listening

‘What do you expect from a woman,’
she’d say, and laugh. ‘Hell, I don’t
even have to pay the light bill anymore.’
His face ashen, for how does a man
be a man–left daily in an airless cube

Wearing a tan trench coat
written all over him–
he’d seen Casablanca
once a week for a year after she left–
twice over Christmas

So when she showed up
he wasn’t saying no to anything
let alone stockings, heels
and a black cat–in his haste–
not checking the price tag

With no options–except to run parallel
to her wants.needs.desires.
for he would do nothing to slight her–
this magic in silk and lace

his thoughts somewhere dark and wet
at an adjacent angle to his wallet


13 thoughts on “Her figure

  1. Sorry to have missed you posts lately (and again). They still don’t come up on my ‘reader’ despite the fact I ‘follow’. It is thus all I have to rely upon is a memory, and my memory is a fading thing at the best of times! I shall have to stick a Post-it note somewhere.


      1. As far as I can tell it’s just you and my son Zoolon who’s posts never appear in the reader. It must be something I’m doing. My dear wife often tells me I’m u/s when it comes to PC’s!


      2. michael.steeden@gmail.com – I am in French France tomorrow buying cases and cases of fine wine. As my back is done for, Lord Zoolon has offered to drive and carry said wine by the crate while I drink vast quantities of coffee and smoke decent cigarettes (bad habit, I know).


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