Burning question: technology

As I am one of the three people in the world that does not use a cell phone, I am going to toss this question out to you. I’m working on a story and this dude is 38 and doesn’t pay attention to trends, or hang out on the internet. He has an older phone that he uses only for a phone. I first wrote it in 2013 and said he used a Blackberry. Does anyone still use a Blackberry? Do they still function? Might they still a year from now (when this book might get published)?

What would be the oldest functioning phone he might use still? Any suggestions? I’d really appreciate it. I have no clue about these things and I don’t want it to sound stupid.

Your two cents is requested-


17 thoughts on “Burning question: technology

  1. I do know a woman the still uses a blackberry. She is in her 70s. I don’t see her switching up to a smartphone. I think there are people that are either techies or they are not. They either love to be connected or do not. My husband still uses a flip phone, and I know several building managers who still use that type of technology. It’s possible – rare and odd, but possible – a character quirk.

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  2. You might investigate cheap pay-as-you-go phones. Services like TrakPhone, etc. I got by for about $10 a month for years, until I needed a smartphone for work. The low end options were basic. Dunno if they still are.


    1. Nope, never wanted to have people calling me when I was away from the house. What if I’m in a park or at the beach? 🙂 or in the woods getting away-
      Seemed like when I had it people got mad when I did not have it on all the time

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  3. I wish I still had my Blackberry. I don’t use internet on my smart replacement. Your question is answered by putting it into Google. My friend Norman is one of the other two people in the world.


  4. First of all, thanks for writing a story about me. 😉 I did have a BlackBerry until two years ago, so I guess they still work. Congratulations on not having a cell. I admire that.


  5. The Blackberry passed me by completely. I still have a pay as you go flip phone that I leave in the boot of my car in case of emergencies. A couple of guys I work with don’t have any kind of mobile phone and despite the ribbing they get they show no desire to get one.


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