Burning question: technology

As I am one of the three people in the world that does not use a cell phone, I am going to toss this question out to you. I’m working on a story and this dude is 38 and doesn’t pay attention to trends, or hang out on the internet. He has an older phone that he uses only for a phone. I first wrote it in 2013 and said he used a Blackberry. Does anyone still use a Blackberry? Do they still function? Might they still a year from now (when this book might get published)?

What would be the oldest functioning phone he might use still? Any suggestions? I’d really appreciate it. I have no clue about these things and I don’t want it to sound stupid.

Your two cents is requested-


17 thoughts on “Burning question: technology

  1. I do know a woman the still uses a blackberry. She is in her 70s. I don’t see her switching up to a smartphone. I think there are people that are either techies or they are not. They either love to be connected or do not. My husband still uses a flip phone, and I know several building managers who still use that type of technology. It’s possible – rare and odd, but possible – a character quirk.

  2. You might investigate cheap pay-as-you-go phones. Services like TrakPhone, etc. I got by for about $10 a month for years, until I needed a smartphone for work. The low end options were basic. Dunno if they still are.

    1. Nope, never wanted to have people calling me when I was away from the house. What if I’m in a park or at the beach? 🙂 or in the woods getting away-
      Seemed like when I had it people got mad when I did not have it on all the time

  3. I wish I still had my Blackberry. I don’t use internet on my smart replacement. Your question is answered by putting it into Google. My friend Norman is one of the other two people in the world.

    1. Yes I did start looking in Google 😛 but found differing facts, plus I had heard that the last few years some older cell phones were rendered useless. I forget which ones.
      Yay, Norman! Stand your ground! Haha

  4. First of all, thanks for writing a story about me. 😉 I did have a BlackBerry until two years ago, so I guess they still work. Congratulations on not having a cell. I admire that.

  5. The Blackberry passed me by completely. I still have a pay as you go flip phone that I leave in the boot of my car in case of emergencies. A couple of guys I work with don’t have any kind of mobile phone and despite the ribbing they get they show no desire to get one.

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