Monday is the color of the dishes in my sink

When Monday comes you’ll be doing what you do
what you always do. A productive day
even if you daydream on the way
during drive-through coffee
or heart murmur’d traffic, a world
I left behind, responsible and hectic

Yet, you meet me where I am
in a sink full of dishes that does not end
looking out the window at a world
that is not always a friend
reading books that show me
a thousand worlds

I am not sad – so don’t you feel bad
only keep on covering me
in that sweet veneer
in times like this friendship is dear
when I’m waiting on rain and it just won’t come
brushing my hair with silence instead of a comb

When Monday arrives smelling good in your suit
I’ll be cleaning up from Sunday
and tucking away loot
a dollar in an envelope a fiver in the drawer
under my panties, in my socks
what am I keeping it there for

I’ve got this inclination
call it a whim call it a dream
I’ll check out of here someday
a momentary gleam – of fantasy
and thoughts of luck
and saving every solitary buck

So when I get enough of them
I’ll find contentment
looking like a friend

11 thoughts on “Monday is the color of the dishes in my sink

  1. I’ve just returned to blogging after a short break yet…no doubt born of my utter stupidity in matters of technology…I’m not receiving your wonderful posts on my ‘reader’ thing! So, if I miss some, my apologies in advance. Methinks I’ll have to stop being lazy, relying upon the ‘reader’ thingy as I do.


    1. It’s not you, Mike. It’s WP. Check that you are still following me. They drop many that I follow periodically and I lose track of folks

      I hope your break wasn’t for sickness. Loved reading your story! Your imagination is splendid

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gosh that’s lovely of you to say-

        I understand. I just recently taught my husband to copy/ paste. I back up everything so he won’t lose something he loves.
        He wants me to make him a blog on WP for his photography and I am truly frightened!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Best of luck with that! Notwithstanding, he cannot be worse than me…I recently lost over 14,000 pieces of music when updating ITunes, plus, at the self-same time inadvertently emptied my IPod…such fun I had reloading the lot – not!


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