Eating fried shrimp together

We fed one another shrimp
my long hair getting in the way
hanging between us, over our arms and laps
he would chew, and take it up in his fingers
playing with it, smelling it

I would lean in, not wanting this to end
kissing his chest–what is the rest?
what do you want to hear of hedonistic folly–
days and weeks of answering to no one but each other
consuming only from the earth

We lied to those we loved
and lay over one another for months
taking turns being on top–‘don’t stop’
he would say, surprising me
with his submission

From out of the blue, he’d say,
‘You are too kind. You could be meaner.
Too sweet and good to wield
the strap and the rope.’
And I would just laugh
pink nail polish on my toes

Never giving away my true intentions
to keep him held in my grip for as long as–
well–as long as I wanted him
wanted only him
he and his flesh my undoing

His voice I still recall
‘please don’t stop,’ and I
would say –please don’t–
I won’t want
to stop


16 thoughts on “Eating fried shrimp together

  1. This is all excellent. I especially like the “folly” line.

    But that ending split is ingenious. “I won’t want / to stop.” That’s exactly how you do it … protect yourself. You don’t let yourself want him that much. It’s the only way you can make yourself stop — to quit him before he quits you.


    Happy birthday, Beautiful.


      1. What kind do you like? My mom used to order me a strawberry cake with fresh berries and glaze from a fancy bakery I was a girl. I miss those days.


      2. When I used to work in food service they said I was a guy-girl
        All female but I don’t like to shop, I can get ready to leave the house, do hair and face in 10 minutes…etc etc haha


      1. That’s your son? Wow- your family got blessed with a lot of talent, didn’t they? : ) thank you for letting me know. I enjoy his music very much, and yes he has been very kind to me and promoted my posts.

        My son is a musician also. I wish him well-

        Liked by 1 person

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