Giving up pie for lent

What are we reduced to
when we do not want to hear
what another voice is telling us

Who are we become if
we could tear down others without cause
greater than boredom

Our hearts
are malleable and weather-proof
however they might melt under fire

Though no one can see the bruises
of everyday pummeling
from jabs of our closest
and most relied upon

11 thoughts on “Giving up pie for lent

  1. I’ve read this twice and came away with two different meanings. I’m not sure what you intended, but this poem sure touched something off in my emotions.

    1. I was thinking about how the things we do like lent or other rituals don’t mean anything if we are not loving to each other…like in I Corinthians 13.
      Seems like we’ve all got picked up some shrapnel since the election….

  2. i want to know what kind of pie before I give it up. not that i do lent. but sacrifice, i get that.

    i love the first stanza, especially here.

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