For Mom

I remember the day you told me
it was no good
the end was coming
and all the miracle hopes
and treatments were done

you were calm
you were ready
and I wasn’t
skidding my heels
dragged to the church a month later
baby in my belly
to see something that was not you–
you were gone already

then later
in the garden when
summer came again
I saw you alive in my son’s eyes
then again in a field
of clover and cornflowers


15 thoughts on “Threnody

  1. Makes me want to cry this one, but so wonderful, enlightening! 😊 I don’t have children, but I know what you mean… when someone, especially your Mother is gone, you don’t realise how you will see them again, but you do, in the strangest of ways. Mine departed 17 years ago, seems like yesterday she went, but I still get those glimpses of her. Some of my cousins children have children now, I even see my parents in them.. it’s quite bizarre!


    1. And my mom has been gone 20 years. Yes, it is the same for me, like it was yesterday.
      There is something very magical about seeing our mothers in children after they are gone. My son even has her sense of humour and kind heart.

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