Monday random: Health


  • That should look very refreshing and delicious, if it did not have beets in it. I really thought they could hide in a smoothie. I believed the man and countless women on YouTube touting beets’ ability to detoxify the blood. I tried. I really tried. But that is the only vegetable that I don’t like. It tastes like dirt. This drink, this marvelous, healthy drink tastes like dirt and berries. Might as well drink it straight. There is no hiding.
  • It reminded me of the time my mother tried to hide liver in meatballs. I do like liver now, though. But it isn’t something you can hide. It is not subtle.

  • It is the first day of spring and I feel so terrific to know that even though Chicago may very well snow again, and again, it is the tail end of winter and that’s so sweet. It was 50 degrees Fahrenheit today, which is not usually barefoot weather for me but I did go barefoot anyway. I just had to. Felt good to both feet and sole. Soul.


  • Yep, I have big feet. I try not to complain about that which I have no control over. I  gained a half size from the first child, and another full size from the second.
  • I could live without okra and artichokes also, but I can eat them if that is what I am given.
  • We’ve had some kind of respiratory cold or flu for over 2 weeks Yesterday we got outside finally and went to a park. It wasn’t the big outing I had envisioned, but it was soothing and calm and once more, soul-healing.
  • I am really discouraged about something I have stayed close-lipped about, for good reason. It feels insurmountable. I find that when I open my heart up and my eyes and look around, everyone has something. Being kind is worth it. We don’t do it for ourselves but it does come back, doesn’t it? Met a nice lady this week in a tight spot. Somehow she turned things around and helped me instead. I’m grateful.
  • Writing like mad and cleaning out closets. I held onto several things I have not touched in 10 years. That’s a good clue where to start on spring cleaning.

Have a good week- Thanks for reading-



13 thoughts on “Monday random: Health

  1. I so need to start on my closets – and my room of shame – the bedroom. Glad to see you’re writing. I’m scrambling to write the synopsis of the AVA story. Right now it’s 4 pages and need to be about 2. No pressure!


  2. Don’t beat up beets like that! Just don’t try to make them do what they aren’t supposed to do, as part of a salad with a good vinaigette ;) A lovely post otherwise, and I too find solace in the flowers of Spring x

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  3. Mm… beetroot smoothie.. never heard of one of those before! I love beetroot, but only cooked, and served cold as salad. Not sure I’d like it any other way. I can imagine it tasted of earth, they are a bit earthy flavoured. Does look pretty though! Love your pictures, beautiful, like paintings! 😊

    And thanks for the Sponge Bob! Now I don’t have a tv any more, I kind of miss him… gotta a have a bit of Mr Sponge now and then!! :D


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