When I watch


I love watching

you put on your stockings

The way your nails skim over them without snagging is a marvel

When I watch you, I turn sideways

could you change my

I guess you know.

don’t you.

That is why you don’t stop when he leaves.

I like when you turn your head to look back, saying things like

your hands
your mouth
your toes

then laugh

5 thoughts on “When I watch

  1. Very nice! So provocative! If I get enough time – next week, I’ll post the rest of my Confessions of A Hockey Mom, then post my poems from long ago. You make me want to try my hand at that again.


  2. Something mesmerizing about watching that stocking roll up the thigh like a second, darker skin, a web really, promising to contain, to hold back, but really intimating the opposite.


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