El largo invierno acaba

(March, 2015)

Attempting to leave behind all of it
the anger, the inability to forgive-
I bathe and put on something new
I purge my body of everything toxic

How do we live as if the winter was not
how do I go on pretending you did not bruise me-
so I go, I sear with fire and cauterize the wounds
so I go, I remember how to let go of the list of wrongs

Without letting go of the wonder, the miracle
as spring takes over my house, as love fills
the empty heart chambers, still sore
and I weep for what is lost – this day

I tell you, this day is for weeping, for what
could have, should have, would’ve been-
looking for purity of heart, something
nobler than good intentions

But tomorrow, tomorrow the weeping will be put away
life allowed to flourish, love allowed to nourish-
tomorrow will be today, and the anger swept up, tucked away
put in the bin for the burning, the burning of the last

The last remains of winter


10 thoughts on “El largo invierno acaba

      1. If you ever need advice as to what microphone to get let me know, although I remember you said your son was a musician, so probably he’ll know what suits you best.


      2. He is very young, probably younger than you and not yet able to buy something really terrific. He and his buddy record with a friend who has a studio in his house.
        I will definitely ask when I am ready to purchase! Thanks

        Liked by 1 person

  1. There’s a lot of wisdom in the face of circumstance in this poem, the kind I imagine may have been hard fought for. The problem I’ve found in attempting to enact such good advice is that it sometimes (often?) feels like the days last for seasons, and the seasons for years.


    1. Yes, I have fought like a warrior, thank you for your thoughtful comment.
      Isn’t that true? How the time passes differently than we expect, in relation to our own emotional seasons, perhaps


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