Tantalizing Tuesday: Veronica Lake

Veronica lake

Our femme fatale for the week is Veronica Lake. I saw her in Sullivan’s Travels when I was a teenager. I was mesmerized by the way she used her eyes and a characteristic flip of hair that hung over one eye. She had that look. What look? The look to which describing does not do justice.

Here she meets Joel McCrea in Sullivan’s Travels. This banter is a keeper. I always admire a lady that has the guts to tell a man what to do when she has just met him.
“Drink your coffee….”

If you haven’t seen Sullivan’s Travels, it is well worth your while. Check this out, three powerhouse women in a catfight broken up by Claudette Colbert. You can see both of Veronica’s eyes in this scene from So Proudly We Hail. Great slap. Slaps.

Veronica’s career did not last a lifetime. In her own words she talked down her talent, and her desire not to be like many in hollywood, jaded and burned out, and dying young.

I will have one of the cleanest obits of any actress. I never did cheesecake like Ann Sheridan or Betty Grable. I just used my hair.

You could put all the talent I had into your left eye and still not suffer from impaired vision.

Others have said that she had more talent than you could see in some of the films they dropped her in. She was hot for awhile and they’d use her to ‘save’ a bad movie, and sell it. I think she was good at being bad, good at the parts we have come to know and love, the ladies that can wrap men around their fingers and get them to do anything. Anything they want.

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