He called me dirty

when I said a word he cringed at
though I had heard the same from him
twice the day before
that moment that shattered him
causing my elegance to drip instead of drape

Every hope I had for us to be closer than ever
gone in the light of his expectations
though I could see into his head
each time he had two beers too many
and told me his secrets (and forgot)

While I-never forgetting a thing
no matter how much wine I drink
remember how he said /that fucking ex/
(that cunt)
she won’t leave me the hell alone

Calling me dirty
the next day, sober)
and I knew he was scraping me off
(I could feel it)
so he could

Feel up that pink puff of a girl
that writes about rainbows and cats
while I had talked about
pussies and suicide ventures

(no really) I said-
let me explain

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