Monday random-grumpy edition

  • No blog posts about menstrual periods. Yes it is part of real life. No I do not want to talk about it. Call it old age. Call it gross. Call it private. Just no.
  • Haiku is more than just 17 random syllables. Look it up. It is a discipline, not one I can lay claim to. I’ve dabbled a bit. But I’m no master. I’m not even good enough to be a novice.
  • My random thoughts are a bit grumpy. It’s not you, it’s me.
  • I am not fussy about brand names. But I like Heinz ketchup. You can count on it always being good. Hunts is a close second. The ones I don’t care for are too clove-y
  • Did you know that the United States is not the largest consumer of ketchup and that the product originated from a sauce in China? Back then it was not tomato-y because tomatoes were believed to be poisonous.
  • We have learned that people have different ways of learning and from and at various levels of understanding. For these purposes I believe it’s great to re-write Shakespeare or at least annotate it and include the original text. But this talk about totally dumb-ing it down makes me queasy. Don’t do it! Please! They are not just a bunch of random archaic words. They were placed there in an order and a cadence.
  • Barry Manilow is a talented songwriter and has always been underestimated. Even if you don’t care for that kind of music, you must admit the lyrics are stellar. Look up the story behind When October Goes. It started out as an unfinished song by Johnny Mercer. Just lovely.
  • I love fruitcake and no one sent me one this past holiday season. Send me all your fruitcakes left from Christmas. I have a p.o. box set up for that very purpose.
  • 11 thoughts on “Monday random-grumpy edition

      1. I do wonder that too- who thought to themselves, this could be good food, let’s try it. If they never did, we might not have had spaghetti

        I have thought this about coffee and chocolate also, since the beans are nothing like the finished product. Much smarter people than I, I think ^_^


    1. Have you been talking to Basho? Did he tell you you weren’t good enough to be a novice?

      If not – who is your authority?

      If you have no greater authority than yourself, where did you learn such modesty?


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