Rest in peace

Did you tidy up before leaving
did you make waffles for breakfast
and make the beds before you showered
did you read some chapters from a novel
or walk hundreds of stairs
did you know it was your last day

Did you make love
did you fantasize about your first meeting
did you eat your favourite doughnut and feel guilty
were you apprehensive about your eye doctor
telling you how your eyes have changed
at so young an age

Did you sing along with the radio
did you dance in your shower
did your kids fuss and make a mess
of cheerios on the sofa watching cartoons
did you get online and tell the world
about the pimple on your back

Did you walk past a church
did it make you think of your mother
did you smile when a child burped
and laughed, or did you scold
did you wipe up the baby’s spit-up
did you know it was your last day


In memory of Nykea Aldridge and all of the 762 people murdered in Chicago in 2016.

I tried to write a well – spoken tribute in her honor and for her children because I was so moved by what happened. The words just wouldn’t come. If we are this stunned by this murder, I can’t imagine how her family feels, especially after finding out the murderers were let out of prison early. If they don’t let this justice system work, it will never ….well, work.

I hate epilogues. But I felt I had to say something. Anything.



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