To the spider in my bed


Oh spider, do not abandon me
in my time of need. Even now
I feel a bump rising upon my flesh
where you settled and assaulted it
while I slept and dreamt of crows pecking
and now, the itching commences
that I felt as I awoke

Do not leave me in my lonely distress
too many days in this room with no other life
please do not put me off so hastily
when just moments before you partook
of my blood. I lie here alone in the dark
my fingers feeling over where you so
recently lay, and I am most terribly alone


6 thoughts on “To the spider in my bed

  1. So calm about a spider bite. I would be in a panic! Course last time a spider bit me it got a staph infection. So I’m not panicking about the bite, but what could happen….Great poem by the way.


  2. I have a mild case of arachnaphobia which I have confronted over the years with some success. Now I can catch and release, rather than reaching for a phone book. I’ve written a couple of spider poems, none so deep as this.


  3. I feel the desperation in this poem… I hope it’s not too real? Oh, sounds quite alarming! I remember my dad telling me of being bitten by a mysterious black spider in Ireland when he was a boy. Funny how we believe we don’t have biting spiders in the UK, but we do. Most cases though they are not dangerous, unless they are an imported pet of course, that’s another story entirely! 🙂


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