double-edged affair

are we close?
are we tight–
is the big red bow
topping off this affair
so very impressive, do you say–
here in this hideaway
so many rules smeared across the walls
with lipstick

so long as we tell no one
we can carry on, feelings in rusty tins
atop the cupboards
so long as we don’t want more
than status quo, more the the offered

isn’t it grand to walk hand in hand
around Battery Park
to hold your head and hair for you
when the ferry makes you sick
isn’t it something out of this world
to know what I am thinking and
to finish your sentences–ain’t it great

how this double-edged sword nicks us
each time we rub elbows
but we never feel it
having the nerve to be surprised
when blood rolls down our hands
give me another word for how
two hearts feel they beat as one
a snare drum heading up a parade
down main street
that they all can see and hear

don’t they talk, don’t they
wish us well
already seeing our future as owners
of acres of whitewashed fence
because they do not know

isn’t it grand
leaning and knowing
it is safe to sleep away the hours
the night turning into daybreak
a thief of all our good sense

in a pile on the sofa
your whiskers against my forehead
Bogey passing the hours
on a continuous loop on the screen
his voice echoing
in the high ceiling of your loft
saying “I lived a few weeks while you loved me”
and all the while we eat up time
and no one tells us it will not last

a secret code in the club
we don’t talk about intimacy–
we only talk about puppy love
the stuff that daydreams are made of
and no one tells you
that they see the end coming
except afterward
when you cry in your beer


14 thoughts on “double-edged affair

  1. Your poetry is so personal yet I feel most of us can relate to it; it’s difficult to see our own reflections in the words of others…but then again, I suppose that’s what we’re looking for when we read.


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