up in silence

the silence has not yet broken
it is upside-down, this notion
that I can read your mind
with eyes closed
my only promise-no harm

lust tangled in my hair
you were there
don’t lie because she says she cares
you were part of all of it
the mess of it
the best of it

and when you are called to confess
don’t be too coy
you know the girls
they like that bad boy stuff
and I, well I just wanted you however
I wanted you at that moment

and whether or not you heard me
whether or not you knelt for me
was all beside the point-
so put on some Winehouse
and cry about those damn strong women

you know the ones who made you feel tall
even down there
down there, you know
where mice are men
and be glad for the passion spent

the time went
the passion spent
the time went too fast
too quickly for someone with
one hand in the air

where up is down
down is up
and all you have
in your little cup
are poison and potion
potion and time
the one who decides
has one chance
in nine

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31 thoughts on “up in silence

  1. Your rhymes & repetitions are internal, subtle, effective & penetrating. Your protagonist seems to be strong, loves but is frustrated by the simplicity and urgency of most men’s needs. For me, your poetics are a primer, a note from a friend; thanks.


  2. Very subtle and quiet – I love the gentleness of the rhymes (end and internal) and repetition. I also love the lines:
    ‘so put on some Winehouse
    and cry about those damn strong women’.


    1. Not really sneaking though, with one word repeated three times, three phrases were repeated twice, and another word was repeated twice. Not sure how much more I would fit in there.


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