The first moments we touched, kissed, dove, flew
those vivid, glossy 8×10 moments that change us
when the instructor said yes
you may have your driver’s license
becoming mobile-able to leave
my bedroom fortress of books
to see more firsts, more thick, creamy
plumed moments when I was new once more

The firsts that stand out for me
from another life, of life and death before
over there, and what is up ahead, calling to me
with all the lights of Vegas, and a promise to forget
what my friend was doing in that dark corner
with Mr. First Moment-still brilliant
those times, good or bad in equal measure
each with a page in the history book

Yet none can come close to that one night
nearly midnight and drugged
scared out of my wits with my legs splayed
all eyes upon me
the fear of silence-waiting for it
waiting to hear only one first moment
that would comfort me then
when my firstborn tried out her lungs
for the first time

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