At dusk a breeze of relief
skims over shoulders
light losing its grip on ambition
as dreams take over their domain
strictly business as usual
fireflies fluttering
where bees spent the day foraging

Smoke signals
from a passing car
smell like longing and leftover
Christmases never used up
give up your spot in line
don’t be afraid, when
night falls with its treasure

you wrote the script

not sure what you thought would happen
manboy who wormed into my heart
lying and expecting no consequences
perhaps everyone else accepted the blame
when you stomped their hearts to ragged bloody bits
but mama didn’t raise no doormat, all that
just part of your script and I burned my copy

Monday Random: potpourri

  • I’m using this Monday as a do-over from last week. Last week sucked balls. And you know I never use that language. But seriously. Sucked. Donkey. Ba…..well you know
  • In all fairness much of the crappiness of last week was my own fault so I’m done complaining. But that felt good and circumvented hours of whining to the husband which would start off another bad week and we don’t want that, do we
  • Question: what do you do to calm and soothe yourself? You’ve got your yoga and eating the ice cream from the container with a spoon approaches. But do you do anything quirky for your decompression time?
  • For me it’s very bad Lifetime movies or if it’s really horrible, Hallmark Christmas films. Even when it’s not Christmas
  • The first Christmas without the kids I watched Christmas with the Kranks fifteen times. True story
  • Nah, didn’t really help until I ate the ice cream as well
  • Complaining really isn’t healthy and passes bad juju around. Sorry about that. I think I won’t delete it though. Transparency is very trendy and I don’t want to come off as perfect because that would be worse
  • I’m learning to make pepper steak tonight. Hubby says it won’t work because I bought the wrong beef, but he’ll eat those words. It will be delicious and that will show him
  • When I used to cook it for a family I worked for as a domestic, I always put slices of tomatoes in it at the end. But none of the the recipes I’ve found use tomatoes. Do you put toms in yours?
  • Enjoy this new wave 80’s song to start off the week sad and sweet, and hey, don’t eat all the ice cream, have some kale as well

Have a great Monday!

You know what, how about one more hit from the 80’s. It’s like a big hug


Her figure


He never knew what he had in her
her angle – something
between silk stockings and
late night gas guzzlers
even the police tread easy

That figured –
he was sick and tired of the triangle
the crossed lines every time he called
and she did not answer
feeling her there, listening

‘What do you expect from a woman,’
she’d say, and laugh. ‘Hell, I don’t
even have to pay the light bill anymore.’
His face ashen, for how does a man
be a man – left daily in an airless cube

Wearing a tan trench coat
written all over him-
he’d seen Casablanca
once a week for a year after she left-
twice over Christmas

So when she showed up
he wasn’t saying no to anything
let alone stockings, heels
and a black cat-in his haste-
not checking the price tag

With no options – except to run parallel
to her wants needs desires
for he would do nothing to slight her –
this magic in silk and lace

his thoughts somewhere dark and wet
at an adjacent angle to his wallet

Listen to the Rhythm

The rain inspired today. I hope you’ll read Ken’s words on Rivrvlogr and visit his blog-


Listen to the Rhythm

Listen to the RhythmI converse with the clouds,
my reply
subject to the whims

of the rain, each drop
a word in a syncopation
open to translation.

Sunlight interjects, scattering
the words to the wind.
Silence, my response.

This response is inspired by a poem by Pleasant Street at Are You Thrilled.  Please check it out.
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rain requires poets answer
typically I reply
often silent until
I have something to say
then you can’t shut me up
about who it is
that can’t stop crying
from the sky

3 a.m.

I am too long awake
with my companions
greedy for my attention
impatience and discontent
on either side

Whimsy comes by
in a lavender tutu
and laughs at us
doing her best
with hand stands
and shadow puppets

Impatience wiggling
my big toe
while discontent
drives a truck full of words
through my brain

I am too long without sleep
delirium, keep me
from loneliness
as you pass over my body
closing my eye-lids
without warning

Open letter

Your presence is not required.
I am not the same girl, face down
on the cold floor for relief
not the same needy sycophant
begging for crumbs

Your presence is not requested
at the birthday party for this
newly born woman- not so penurious
as to give nothing back, but not
your problem anymore. My friend

of the east, of the wind and the meadows
showing up out of nowhere with your
five piece one-man-band, and I
with just a knack for getting to the
heart of things, driving you down

Your presence is not required, on your knees.
I won’t demand and deflate
the ego of your youth.
I have my own-and when someone has
got their own, they don’t steal anymore

I have this new path I’m on
mottled with the unknown, and
no map to speak of. Your presence
is not required. But if you would like to join me-
the path stretches far ahead