Monday Random: evening

  • Tonight I am reflecting obsessing about my day.
  • It wasn’t a bad day, not really.
  • Mondays are usually Mr. Street’s second day off so when he was called into work, I re-ordered my day
  • In the morning I made the cheesecake I promised him, and it was nestling in the fridge, chilling up for his return when I left for my errands.
  • I had this thought to take myself out to lunch, at a place that I enjoy more than he does.
  • By the time I was in the car with my printed coupon for lunch, I had already decided against it, opting for fast food, where I could have free wifi and settle in a corner with a notebook and pen.
  • By the time I drove to the drive-thru, I decided to sit in the parking lot and read while I ate in my car–
  • but once I had ordered the food, I ended up taking it home after errands and eating it there.
  • I have this little social issue I have been wrestling with.
  • The positive side of the situation is that I am fighting it instead of sitting down and taking it like I did in the past.
  • But today I just didn’t want to sit in a restaurant alone and get all nervous about people looking at me.
  • Crazy, right? As if they are interested in me–I am sure they have their own business to attend to, not to mention their lunch.
  • Tonight when I proudly unveiled the cheesecake and cut it into triangles, we were both kind of excited at how perfect and creamy it looked.
  • But after a few bites, it was clear that something was wrong.
  • Bitter, boring, bland….and I could not figure out why, since I included both lemon and vanilla, like always.
  • Then it hit me–I did not remember pouring in the sugar.
  • Red face.
  • I do get many compliments on my baking, so having a flop is not the end of the world, and helps me stay humble–
  • but I am very bothered by not fighting harder to go to the lunch I wanted, that I did not even try. That bothers me a lot.
  • Tonight is peaceful and we are snuggled in watching television. I am on a break since he is watching Blue Bloods.
  • So, I would not say that I am depressed or even sad, but I do feel discouraged at my failure to try. It was a beautiful day
  • And I had a coupon~!
  • Next time I’ll get ’em–

I hope your Monday was better. Thank you for reading! I never take that for granted. Good night.

nov 11

Cold, snowy moon
you hide, you hide
but I have found you, and
like him
you will hide once more
but not before
I behold your beauty


One step behind, and
a lit cigarette on the sidewalk
my next footprint snuffing it out–
how I ended a friendship
with one gesture
he would not let me take back;

How she left me behind
after one phone call
neither of us could forget–
my shoe, unsinged
and my heart, unbroken–

But, over time
I become surprised
at the ache that stays

French Dip Sandwich ~ Clandestine Family Traditions

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The Sixpence at Her Feet

It was during Sister Madly’s Utopian Days that Midori- a recent transplant from Japan*- explained how, just before moving to the States, her Grandmother sat her down and lovingly outlined the ritual for something she called ‘jagaimo.’

* A culture of wise and beautiful people who recognize that life is much too short to be eating bread crust on a daily basis.
Also, they have pet otters.

Now Sister Madly hadn’t heard of this ‘jagaimo,’ but if she were to speculate, it is the custom of cutting the crust off all things sandwich- seriously, the Western World needs to adopt this tradition immediately. Many a school luncheon was ruined by her Mother neglecting to remove the crusts from her peanut butter and banana sandwiches. But fret not: having since learned how to properly handle a knife, Sister Madly is now able to remove the crusts on her own like…

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pink moon 2

On this cold planet
exiled for loving too much
and too hard
presided by a moon
icy and unfeeling

I remember love
the thoughts
of warm hands
the heart of a champion

I recall a day
when I was made queen
of one man, one seeker
and it reminds me not to let go
of the tether

To be carried
through frigid space
to be sentenced
for always–

Come to me again
my love
with that fire
so red and angry–
it would send that moon


Monday Random: words, marvelous words

  • It is NaNoWriMo time again
  • For the uninitiated, National Novel Writing Month
  • It may be splitting hairs, but shouldn’t that be ‘National Novel-Writing Month’?
  • Today I learned what a gusset is. How did I go to nearly 60 without knowing that word?
  • Over coffee this morning, hubby and I got to talking about words in the English language that look alike, and sound differently
  • specifically, consonant blends that have 2 or more pronounciations.

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Escaping from the wicked stew
that is the world around me
making me crazy in circles
with all they expect

I am here in my hiding place
where I find light and warmth
and no one tears my hair out

fairies brushing it until it shines
growing in the hope that
when I re-enter the world

I will bring this light with me

Say you’ll never leave me

Peanut-butter and jelly on toast
and the end to all things
Lana del Rey crooning in a way
I have come to count upon–

Eggs boiling–keeping it simple
the room taking on
a balmy. sultry. foggy feeling
at the cusp of a mid-west winter.

Shall we dance? Let us
make the best of it, with our
dead leaves to be raked, and
our car rusting up from the bottom–-

With my sepia view of the yard, and
our birthdays looming, suddenly
less of a threat, and doing their best
to be more of a promise–-